I know it's kind of late to post Christmas music, but I just recently finished an electronic cover of "The Little Drummer Boy" that I'm especially proud of. Admittedly, I was inspired by LindstrΓΈm's 40-minute masterpiece, but I still think my version is fairly original. You can click here to download it.

Also, Marilyn Roxie over at the music blog A Future In Noise wrote up a special post on Vulpiano Records, which included an editorial on my free, newly released, double-sided single under the label. Here's the post!



Marilyn Roxie, the wonderful gal from A Future In Noise is starting her own record label, Vulpiano. I'm going to be releasing a single soon via the collective, with the A side being "High Places" and the B side being "Crackabow." I'll get around to putting the B side on my MySpace, but until then, listen to some of the other fabulous artists signed on to Vulpiano here.



I've been experimenting with a different feel in my music, and just posted two new songs on my MySpace. One is called "High Places" and the other is called "To Kill A Whale." These songs are part of an ongoing project called "There Were Skyscrapers," and though I'm not sure if this will end up being an EP, an album, or a single, there will be plenty more tracks to come, and possible collaborations. 

It may take a while, but in order to experiment you need free time, of which I have not had much of lately. Take a listen.