I know it's kind of late to post Christmas music, but I just recently finished an electronic cover of "The Little Drummer Boy" that I'm especially proud of. Admittedly, I was inspired by LindstrΓΈm's 40-minute masterpiece, but I still think my version is fairly original. You can click here to download it.

Also, Marilyn Roxie over at the music blog A Future In Noise wrote up a special post on Vulpiano Records, which included an editorial on my free, newly released, double-sided single under the label. Here's the post!



Marilyn Roxie, the wonderful gal from A Future In Noise is starting her own record label, Vulpiano. I'm going to be releasing a single soon via the collective, with the A side being "High Places" and the B side being "Crackabow." I'll get around to putting the B side on my MySpace, but until then, listen to some of the other fabulous artists signed on to Vulpiano here.



I've been experimenting with a different feel in my music, and just posted two new songs on my MySpace. One is called "High Places" and the other is called "To Kill A Whale." These songs are part of an ongoing project called "There Were Skyscrapers," and though I'm not sure if this will end up being an EP, an album, or a single, there will be plenty more tracks to come, and possible collaborations. 

It may take a while, but in order to experiment you need free time, of which I have not had much of lately. Take a listen.



I have finally completed my debut album, "Hope." Playing at 36 minutes it is a 10 track album that is both an exercise in experimenting, and an experiment in making techno music. 

The tracklist is below, and if you click on any song title it will lead you to a free download link for that MP3. If you want to download it all in one go however, just click HERE. Enjoy, and remember to turn the volume all the way up.

06 Hope
07 What


Hope Music Video

This is the music video I created for the title track off my upcoming album "Hope." I made it by editing together some clips from "Santa Conquers the Martians," an old movie from the sixties. Enjoy :) 

Ian France - Hope



No Survival - I made that remix of Winston Churchill I mentioned on the last post.

Nocturne - I reworked an old tune I made years ago.

500 Souls - I took an old LP recording of an old Reverend rambling on about "revival" and messed around with it.

Konserti - I made a track where I took an old recording of a violin and a piano and mashed them up.

Ian France - No Survival
Ian France - Nocturne
Ian France - 500 Souls
Ian France - Konserti



I took Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, and made it danceable. I highly respect Martin Luther King's work, and hopefully adding a techno beat to it will help spread his message even more.

Ian France Now Is The Time

The making of the debut album's been put off for a while while I experiment with sampling and stuff like I did in the above song. As of now I'm working on a Winston Churchill remix and hope to put up a couple more songs on my Fairtilizer that I made a while back.




I've finally made some new stuff. First off, I've got a more rock-oriented tune that I've been working on for a REALLY long time. I had the main piano tune and drum beat down, but it took a while to add on more. "Architect" won't be on the debut album, but it's my first single.

Ian France - Architect



Just made a new song - possibly my personal best. This is the first song I actually sing in though you can't understand a word I'm saying. Neither can I. You can use the above pic as a wallpaper, I do.

Ian France - What


You Know My Name

OK, I finally came up with the cover art for my debut album. As I make the tracks for the album, I'll release them one by one via this website, and hopefully others. Then when I'm finally finnito, I'd throw 'em all together and create my first album. In other words, I've actually got an organized plan on making an album! Hoorah! So far, the tracks I'm going to put on the album will include Mermaids, which will be renamed Night Lights, and You Know My Name, the new track I made which you can download below. You can also check out the my new Fairtilizer profile, where you can listen to every track off the upcoming album as I release them. Spread the word!

Ian France - You Know My Name